About Us

SEROCON®, which started its corporate activities in 2017, started its scientific and commercial activities under the name SEROPARK® in 2012. 

Established in Selçuk University Teknokent, SEROPARK® started the production of "Internal Quality Control Material" based on the lyophilization of the whole blood/serum and plasma matrix of human origin, which has not yet been mass-produced in the country, with the "Lyophilization" technology it has based on its academic knowledge. 

In order to solve the problems encountered in the procurement of biological materials required for production and R&D studies, significant efforts were made to provide a legal basis for the procedure of collecting biological materials for use in the production of Internal and External Quality Control Materials with the significant contribution and support of bureaucrats working within the Ministry of Health. Republic of Turkiye With the circular of the Republic of Turkiye Ministry of Health General Directorate of Health Services dated 28.10.2013 and numbered 2013/9 specifying the Procedures and Principles on Biological Material Supply Protocol from Public Institutions and Organizations Laboratories, a legal basis was established to be used in the production of Internal and External Quality Control Material.

After the developments in SEROPARK® company structuring in this period, SEROCON® R&D Biotechnology Health Chemistry Industry Trading Co started its scientific and commercial activities on 11.01.2017, taking past experience and experience as a basis, with the aim of protecting the existing knowledge and  infrastructure  and meeting the field demands.

SEROCON®, which quickly carried its internal structuring to the corporate ground, primarily aimed to produce "Domestic and Lyophilized External Quality Control Material" by enriching its technical infrastructure and personnel portfolio while continuing the production of "Internal Quality Control Material" uninterruptedly. 

The necessary documentation procedure and registration rights were completely completed with the software infrastructure of SEROCON®, and TURKAK 17043 application was made in 2022 and completed as of April 11, 2023. With its TS EN ISO/IEC 17043 accreditation, SEROCON® continues to provide Internal (SEROCHECK®) and External (SEROQAS®) Quality Control Material services to all its stakeholders at home and abroad.