The SEROCON® DIQAS® program is a system where all laboratories worldwide using internal quality control materials can instantly track their results. As it is known, the results of the external quality controls are explained about 1 month after the sample is analyzed. Thus, the participating laboratory can retrospectively monitor any systematic errors related to the parameters it works with. 
With the SEROCON® DIQAS® program, it is aimed to detect errors instantly and to carry out corrective and preventive actions. From a point of view, it can actually be considered as an external quality control program that is constantly studied instantly. Participants will be able to monitor the values of the internal quality control materials they use from the system. They are given the chance to observe the values of that moment and the instantaneous performance of the participating laboratory in all laboratories using the same method and the same device. All statistical evaluations are calculated in the same way as the methods applied in the external quality control report. Thanks to this program, errors that may occur in the laboratory can be detected and corrected instantly.